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At Holland & Lamoureux, our personal injury lawyers success-fully represent clients throughout the Tampa Bay area, including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Brandon, Clear-water, Lakeland, Bradenton and Sarasota. We represent clients in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, Hernando, Manatee and Sarasota Counties.

Our lawyers are focused on the civil law practice of representing people who have been hurt. If you have suffered damages – either physical, emotional, monetary or property – our attorneys are committed to providing you with professional, experienced, legal counsel to obtain the compensation and money you are entitled to under the law.

Personal Injury

How do you set a dollar amount on injuries suffered from an accident? Insurance companies take into account doctor’s bills, lost time from work, medical costs for ongoing injuries, pain and suffering, and more. Personal injury claims are decided by taking these things into consideration, and the amount depends on your circumstances. If a loved one or you have been injured in an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, boating accident, or a slip and fall incident contact Holland & Lamoureux, P.A.

Insurance Bad Faith

An insurance policy is considered a contract between you (the Insured) and your insurance carrier (the Insurer). This contract requires that your Insurer acts in “good faith” toward you. When an Insurer unreasonably withholds the benefits of the policy from its Insured, it is considered to be in “bad faith”. Examples of bad faith can include all kinds of insurance, from health and dental to automobile and homeowners. In all bad faith cases it is essential that measures be taken promptly to review all communication with the insurance company and investigate the insurance coverage in question before the statute of limitations expires. If a loved one or you are a victim of insurance company bad faith, contact Holland & Lamoureux, P.A. for a free consultation or see what your insurance company bad faith case is worth.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death claim is a suit that arises from the death of an individual that was caused by the conduct of another. A wrongful death suit is different from other types of personal injury claims because the actual victim (the “decedent”) is not bringing the suit; rather it is the family members of the decedent’s estate. In all matters involving wrongful death it is essential that measures be taken to promptly preserve evidence, investigate the accident in question, and to file a lawsuit prior to the deadline imposed by the statute of limitations. If a loved one was a victim of wrongful death, view our list of wrongful death frequently asked questions or see what your wrongful death case is worth.

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